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FunnelMates Review

FunnelMates Review (and Bonuses)

Funnelmates review

I have been eagerly waiting for FunnelMates to release!  Why?  Because I’m a fan of funnels, and this is perfect for almost everyone (keep reading to see who this is not ideal for).  

So, here’s my FunnelMates Review (and yes, bonuses) AND a discussion on some of the ways I will use it!

Quick Overview of FunnelMates

I’m a fan of funnels, especially for lead generation (collecting emails).  They serve a critical purpose in business for selling.  I DO use Clickfunnels and will continue to use it – but this funnel builder fills a gap that both affiliate marketers as well as NEW VENDORS need filled.

Primarily, it connects vendors with affiliates and opens opportunities for both.

Whether you are an affiliate or a vendor, this funnel builder provides options.  There is one thing I’m not a huge fan of from an affiliate side – but as a vendor, it’s amazing (more on that soon).

A third niche that will find FunnelMates amazing is the funnel builder that sells funnels as either a service or a digital product.  FunnelMates has a funnel marketplace, so you can build funnels and sell them in the marketplace.

Let’s take a look at FunnelMates for each option.

FunnelMates For Affiliates

As an affiliate, I use funnels primarily to capture emails.  The biggest challenge with this is that I have to make an opt-in in front of the actual product opt-in.  

Basically, people had to enter their email and then enter it again after I sent them to the affiliate offer.

Yes, this is a great way to capture emails (and exactly how funnels work) but sometimes, I needed to send people to another opt-in that was not a purchase.  

So, here’s how a “normal” lead generation email could work:

Opt-in for free offer > Give Free Offer, invite to purchase 1st item > Upsell/OTO 1 > Upsell/OTO2 > etc.

Yet, when you don’t own the opt-in for the free offer, you have to build another opt-in in front of the beginning funnel from the vendor.

Opt-in for free offer > Opt-in again for the free offer > Give free offer, invite to purchase 1st item…etc.

How is FunnelMates different?


FunnelMates For Vendors

While there are distinct benefits to FunnelMates for affiliates, there are even more exciting benefits for vendors.

Both sides have the ability to create funnels, but vendors get a special bonus because they can create funnels for affiliates to use (and sell their products).  This isn’t necessarily super unique.  You can build a funnel in Clickfunnels and connect it to Clickbank – for example.

The difference is that FunnelMates caters to affiliates (and vendors) so you have a built-in audience to help promote your offers.  I liken it to an affiliate marketplace that specializes in helping affiliates.

Think of it like this.  If you are a vendor, you create your funnel and put it on Clickbank.  Then, you might do some advertising and hope that affiliates find you and want to promote your offer.

If you’re seasoned, it’s probably not a big deal for you.  You’ll have affiliates that follow you and get your emails.  For new vendors, this is a great platform to get in front of one place where you can find affiliates eager and wanting to promote products.

Capture Even More Emails

This is one feature that is not necessarily unique, but something you can expand to build your email list.

As a vendor, you would get all of the emails for the buyers anyway (it’s usually the affiliates that miss out).  But, you can build other funnels for complementary giveaways.  Then, you give away the funnel and you still get to capture those emails.

This is NOT unique to vendors.  Anyone can build a funnel and put it in the funnel marketplace on FunnelMates.  If you let people have it for free, you get to capture the emails that other people capture through your funnel.

This Is Where I Caution

To be VERY clear here, this is not something that is new and I am very thankful this was told up front (and not hidden).  If you build a funnel and give it away, the people that use the funnel know you get the email, too.

You can offer a paid version for people to buy the pre-built funnel, then you wouldn’t capture the emails.  

The part I caution with is for affiliates more than vendors.  Vendors always get the emails, even for free opt-ins.  This is not unique (and an amazing way to build your list).  If you look back to the opt-ins I mentioned earlier, affiliates sometimes have to put an opt-in before the 1st opt-in to capture emails.

Weirdly, this is actually a benefit for affiliates.  People who have to enter their email twice tend to get annoyed or lazy, which is why it is annoying to have to do it (because it doesn’t lead to a sale if they give up after the first opt-in).  BUT, if you’re the first opt-in…YOU get the email.

The vendor only gets the email if the customer enters their information for THEIR product.  So, in my case…I tend to offer something unique before I send them to a vendor offer (free or paid).  I get them in my eco-system and if the vendor did not do a good job with their opt-in page, they miss out – but I still have their email!

With FunnelMates, when you use a free funnel to promote something, you are essentially sharing all of the emails.  You’re doing even more work for vendors (of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something you should know).

*As I mentioned, the way around this is to purchase funnels, or you can build your own!

FunnelMates For Funnel Builders And Services

The 3rd category that is perfect for this product is the person that builds funnels as a service or to sell.

Within FunnelMates, you can build a funnel and let people get it for free or you can get paid for it.

I’ve already mentioned the benefits of building free funnels and the ability to let other’s help you build your email list.  We’ll do a video after the official launch and talk more about that particular feature – but you have the option to make some money here!

Selling funnels is NOT new.  Clickfunnels has a marketplace for people to sell funnels, just as many other funnel builders.  Even if you build funnels on other platforms, this is a great option to add to your services/products.

There are different levels of funnels you can build and set your price for each level.  For example, you can let just one person buy the funnel for a higher premium or sell it for a lower price and open it to more people.

FunnelMates Bonuses from Kim

Like usual, I’m only listing the first few bonuses I’m offering for FunnelMates.  I have a few more brewing in my back pocket (which you will also get).  I just need to make sure it’s going to work before I announce them!

Bonus #1: Free Giveaway Funnel – I’m building several funnels that will offer free giveaways that you can then lead the customer to a paid product.  I do this for Clickfunnels, too, but these will be specific to this software.

Bonus #2: Free Giveaway for the funnel!  This is one of the hardest things for people to create.  So, I’ll create the free giveaway for you!  

The topic for these will be announced later, but it will likely be something to do with marketing (since I specialize in marketing).

Bonus #3: Affiliate marketing list of high converting products.  These products have a history of selling well and making affiliates good money.  This list alone will help you get started quickly!

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Commission Hero Pro Review and Bonuses from Little Biz Resources

Watch on YouTube here: Commission Hero Pro Review and Bonuses from Little Biz Resources
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New video by Lead Generation Source on YouTube

Commission Hero Pro Review and Bonuses from Little Biz Resources
Commission Hero Pro Encore training signup: https://littlebizresources.com/chpro I can't possibly cover all the things I love about Robby's training in this Commission Hero Pro Review. I highly recommend you check out his free training and seriously consider Commission Hero Pro. You can see my post with the Commission Hero Pro Review & Bonuses outlined here: https://littlebizresources.com/commission-hero-pro-review-and-free-book/ If you have questions, join me Thursday and ask questions live: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/3016165739370/WN_UPq_VGDITRqu3kbDTXUxyQ Little Biz Resources free affiliate marketing course here: https://littlebizresources.com/affiliatemarketingcourse Little Biz Resources Facebook Group here: https://fb.com/groups/littlebizresources

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Commission Hero Pro Announcement Plus Free Book

Watch on YouTube here: Commission Hero Pro Announcement Plus Free Book
Via https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzNqThLFjikLyp9bKy8mLDQ/videos

What Do Girl Scout Cookies and Affiliate Marketing Have In Common?

What Do Girl Scout Cookies & Affiliate Marketing Have In Common?


This is the first year I let Cassandra do Girl Scouts. That might sound mean, but for those of you that know me – you know I have a daughter with special dietary and then medical needs when something goes wrong.

With everyone doing everything remote last year, I went ahead and signed up Cassandra for Girl Scouts.

The activities were fun, but then Cookie Season started! That’s when my world
widened quite a bit…but I started to see some of the same challenges with selling Girl Scout Cookies as I saw with affiliate marketing!

Here are a few of the similarities I noticed:

#1 - They Both Have Rules On How To Sell

Girls Scouts and Affiliate Marketing Both Have Rules

Did you know that I cannot publicly post the link to my daughter’s digital cookie store online? Yes, I do wonder if the powers that be at the Girl Scout organization understand how the internet works…but, I followed the rules anyway!

Affiliate marketing also has rules. For example, you can’t post your affiliate link directly on Facebook. Facebook will actually block the post and give you a strike for violating their policies. It’s happened to me and plenty of people have had their Facebook accounts shut down over it.

#2 - You Can Do Well Selling Because The Brand Is Known


Girl Scout cookies have been around for a long time, so people know about them. When we were doing the booths at various grocery stores around the area, we didn’t have to sell. 

We just had to present the product – people wanted the cookies, and we just connected them with the opportunity to get them.

Affiliate marketing is the same way! Some of the easiest sales I’ve had were to people who were already familiar with the product…I just had to present them with an opportunity to make the purchase. 

I’m not going to say that affiliate products are as easy to sell as Girl Scout Cookies…I mean, some people would buy $100 or more in COOKIES and we didn’t do anything but take the money and give them their cookies.  

#3 - You Basically Earn A Commission When You Make A Sale

Affiliate Commissions

I don’t like to use the word “commission” in either example, but it’s the easiest thing people link to the money you make when you sell.

For Girl Scout Cookies, the girls earn an amount of money for each box they sell to go towards Troop activities like earning badges, going on trips, going to camp…fun stuff like that. They also earn credits for the Girl Scout gift shop. While they don’t get money in hand, they do earn from their sales.

In affiliate marketing, you earn a referral fee of sorts when you make a sale. It’s more commonly referred to as an affiliate commission, but commission indicates you are an employee – and you are NOT an employee when you are an affiliate. Like Girl Scout Cookie Sales, you make money as a percentage or fixed amount for the sale.

#4 - You Only Make Money From A Sale


Speaking of employees – our entire troop is made up of volunteers and the girls.

We don’t have paid employees in our group. To help offset costs, we sell cookies! But, we only make money when we make the sale. 

I’m sure the Girl Scout organization has other methods for generating money, but when it comes to our Girl Scout Troop – we only generate money from a sale. So, the girls have to put the time and effort into making sure they get the cookies in front of people to make those sales.

Affiliate marketing is the same way! Like with Girl Scout Cookies, you have to put in the time and energy to get in front of people to let them make a decision. You don’t make money off of effort, only results.

#5 - Opportunities Are Limited

limited time deadline

Thankfully (yes, thankfully), Girl Scout Cookie season comes to an end – in fact, it ends in just a couple days! 

This means anyone who wants cookies needs to reach out to their local Girl Scout Troop – or, if you are in the USA and want to order from my daughter online for delivery, free shipping on orders of 6 boxes or more (all ends on March 27th), feel free to reach out to me through the contact page or the Facebook group.

Affiliate Marketing also has limited opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities along the way, but the really good ones tend to come and go. One really good opportunity is coming up – you can get training from the #1 affiliate on ClickBank, Robby Blanchard!

He actually put together a quick video and free book that you can get right now!

Join Our Weekly Webinar

Every Thursday, we run a weekly live webinar with LIVE Q&A (and yes, I’ll even invite you to talk if you want).  I do a sort-of brief training at the beginning and then we do open Q&A!

Sign up for the Weekly Webinars Here

If you are new to affiliate marketing, I recommend you claim the FREE course: How To Make A Full-Time Income With Affiliate Marketing.

You can claim your free affiliate marketing course here.

Last reminder – get Robby’s Case Study (HERE) and make sure to sign up for his free training through that link.  Yes, he is promoting Commission Hero Pro (you can see my Commission Hero Pro Review HERE) but his free training is always AMAZING.

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Dr Kim Christian

Thanks for taking the time to read my content!  I am Dr. Kim Christian, but the only person that calls me that is my daughter when she’s pretending she’s opening a business!

Most people just call me Kim (or mommy when my daughter isn’t playing business owner).

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